Installing the NorthStack CLI on MacOS


The NorthStack CLI requires a few dependencies to run. In most development environments, these are already installed, but if you don't already have a required dependency, we'll show you how to install it as well.

  • Git
  • Docker (Latest Stable)
  • PHP (7.2+)


The git command is already present in MacOS, but might need additional installation. To check for Git on your system, open a Terminal window and enter the following:

git --version

If it shows the version, Git is ready to use. If not, you'll be prompted to continue with installation.


To install Docker on your Mac, you can follow their instructions here: Docker for Mac Installation Guide


PHP is easiest installed via Homebrew. To install Homebrew, open a Terminal window and run the following:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Once homebrew is installed, run the following to install PHP:

brew install php

Once installation is complete, you can check your installation by running the following:

php -v

Installing the NorthStack CLI

Now that you have the requirements satisfied, it's time to get started with installing the NorthStack CLI. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open a new Terminal window.
  2. Next, clone the NorthStack CLI using Git:

    git clone
  3. Once the client has been downloaded, switch the the directory that you cloned to:

    cd northstack-client
  4. Finally, run the installation:


You're all set! The NorthStack CLI is now installed on your Mac!

Further Reading

Now that you have the NorthStack CLI installed, you're ready to start using it. There's articles will get you started: