Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication is an important part of keeping your account safe from potential threats. With two-factor authentication, even if someone were to guess your password, an attacker would still need to have an additional code to get in.

Two-factor authentication adds a slight bit more effort to log into your account, but the benefits greatly outweight any downsides. In this article, we'll show you how to add two-factor authentication to your NorthStack account.

Two-Factor Authentication Apps

There are multiple apps that you can use for configuring two-factor authentication, but here's a couple that we recommend:

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in NorthStack

To enable two-factor authentication on your NorthStack account, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by logging into the NorthStack Console.
  2. Next, access your user settings by clicking on your user icon at the top right of the page, then clicking on User Settings.
  3. Inside the User Settings page, scroll down to the Manage Multi-Factor Authentication section. Within this section, your phone number should already be filled in. Double-check your phone number, then click the Enable 2FA button. Two-Factor Authentication Settings Section
  4. You will now be presented with a QR code. Using your authentication app, scan your QR code. Two-Factor Authentication Display QR Code
  5. Upon scanning your QR code, you'll be presented with a verification code. Simply enter that verification code into the Verification Code field, then click on Verify.

Your account is now secured with two-factor authentication!