Managing Collaborators

Your NorthStack account allows you to have multiple users that you can manage through the Organization Settings page. In this article, we'll show you how to manage multiple collaborators within your organization.

Adding Collaborators

For more information on adding collaborators, see our article on adding a collaborator to your NorthStack organization.

Changing Collaborator Permissions

  1. Access the Organization Settings page in the NorthStack Console.

  2. Inside the Organization Settings page, you'll see a list of all users within your organization. Click on the user that you want to make changes to.

    Collaborator Details

  3. Upon clicking on the user, the user's permissions will be displayed. To change a permission, use the checkbox beside the permission setting to enable or disable the permission for that user.

    Collaborator Permissions

  4. Once your changes have been made, click the Update Permissions button to save the user's updated permissions.

Removing a Collaborator

  1. Access the Organization Settings page within the NorthStack Console.

  2. Next, click on the user that you want to remove to open up additional details on that user.

  3. Finally, click the Remove From Organization button to remove the user.

    Delete Collaborator